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Tuesday, July 03, 2007
I got back to paper folding.........finally!

Its always been a whole lot of fun for me! Not only does folding paper satisfy my creative needs but it also channelizes the nervous energy I seem to be unable to contain within myself. After all turning a piece of paper into something really cool looking is any day better than twitching, fidgeting with my ring, biting off the skin around my nails, typing out long emails(??)............

hadn't been folding at all for quite a while now and when I tried to get back to it a few days back my fingers sort of betrayed me! being hyper (in more ways than one) doesn't really help you see! But a weekend spent doing absolutely nothing at home, a piece of pink paper and green, some sort of peace of mind and some sort of 'Kawasaki rose cannot elude m for such a looong time' kind of attutude and yay! I did it! Take a look! I intend to make a better model and take a better snap in the near future, but couldn't help putting it up here right now! :):)

Posted at 12:10 am by madsworld
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In a a moment of realization, it dawned upon me! The reason why I like solving Sudoku so much! it starts off clean, followed by a lot of mess, lots of possibilities! But the beauty lies in the fact that in the end, everything finds its rightful place! Everything adds up!!! :)

Posted at 03:57 pm by madsworld
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Friday, November 03, 2006

'The Alchemist' said it wrong!!! :(
When you desperately want something, the world conspires to not make it happen for you!!!!

Posted at 10:52 am by madsworld
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Monday, October 30, 2006
Bidding Goodbye!

      A little over two years back when I got out of the plane and collected my bags at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport, I had no clue its going to be so tough bidding goodbye to this city. I still remember the impressive yet not intimidating view of Minneapolis downtown as we approached University area from the airport. The same view today makes me feel completely at home, its almost queer how I could get used to anything in such a short span.

      its an understatement if I say my stay in Minneapolis has been a roller coaster ride.......seen terrible lows and yet moments of warmth and comfort on the coldest of days, been through a phase where spending money seemed like a crime and then also when I realized the real fun and frolic came for free......when any sort of work seemed like an unnecessary burden and also when I lived the pure ecstacy of real learning and understanding, experienced both....extreme loneliness and also seemingly known people around me suffocating me to the core.

      Maybe I have grown up, maybe I have become a tad bit more mature, maybe everyone has to go through something like that once in their lives and maybe its all for the good.......... the only thing I know right now,  its sure going to be tough ........for more reasons than one.......the final ride to the airport on nov. 17th!

Posted at 11:31 am by madsworld
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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Its tough!

Making an absolutely fresh begining, starting off with a clean slate is amazingly simple. But it surprises me how difficult it is to take up again, what you had started long ago, but given up on lately! Its tough to get back to what you once were!

Posted at 09:10 am by madsworld
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Saturday, May 06, 2006
Let it Rain! Let it rain!! Let it Rain!!!

Its been raining for the past few days and like most others rains make me nostalgic to the point of being distracted from work! Sometimes its powerful enough to lift me from the depths of gloom, making me smile, at others its spreads gloom inside me, making me weep! A thousand things come to my mind when I think of rains.....
    The first rain.........exams???
    The fragrance of wet soil......
    The joy of putting Neha and Udayan to shame by doing a better job of being a kid! :)
    Puddles of water ...mud all around!
    Wet hair......
    My penchant for others' raincoats and inherent aversion to my own!! :)
    Swati Kulkarni bai asking us to go out to enjoy paus in the middle of a class!!
    No electricity????????
    Dripping clothes........crazy rides on Trendy (Remember Ruj??)
    Boat Club....... the river!!!!  
    Sinhgad.....wind point!
    Aaji / Aai waiting for me with a towel and a look of concern! :)
    Hot chaha with kanda bhaji!
    Singing away to glory without a concern.......free spirited=crazy???
    Atharwasheersha, Shreesukta, Geeta and matching my pitch with Baba's! :):)

makes me want to go home.....feel secured............ get pampered......... if only......

Posted at 10:01 am by madsworld
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Sunday, March 26, 2006
The joy that is cooking!

Its been one of the more satisfying days in Minneapolis for me today! Call it my internship treat, my way of saying thanks to the people who made me feel at home in Minneapolis when I first landed here, or a sudden urge to cook big time.......whatever! I rediscovered what a joy cooking is!! :)

I remember those days when I was very clumpsy yet enthusiastic about cooking, and also the days when it bugged the hell out of me because it became an everyday chore, and then also those whn it was just another thing on your list of things to be done on specific days just so you survive!! But was yesterday fun or what????

So here goes the menu, you can of course call everything "Madhura Special"

Ragda Patties: I meant it as a starter but later ditched it after having made all the ingredients, I think a wise decision as the rest of my creations then got enough justice! :)

Coconut Chatani: now anyone who says this cannot be a significant item on the menu shouldknow that he/she is clearly offending me!

Matar paneer: It was okayish!

Bharale Wange: a typically Maharashtrian dish made in a typically KoBra way, nothing beats that I say!

Palak Pulao: I made up a recipe! Didn't taste as good as I thought it would!

And Gulab Jam: Gitts lies about the quantity! But it was so much fun looking at the Gulab Jam "grow" right in front of my eyes!

It was then followed by Tiramisu and yammy chocolate chocolate chip Ice cream (which was almost exclusively mine......... of course I am possesive!) thanks to my awesome guests! :):)

I have cooked a lot of times for lots of people in the past, but this one was so much nicer! For one thing each and everything that I made was something I hadn't made before! that too withoout a single cut or a burn!!! And for another inspite of numerous people continuously telling me tha I was nuts and that I am  grad student after all, I knew I was doing something that I LOVE doing!!!

Here's to lots more occasions like these!! :):):) My only crib is I just wish cooking for 15 people took only as much work and time as it did to cook for 5 people! :(

Posted at 10:54 am by madsworld
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Friday, March 24, 2006
Its been a while!

    This blog has been deprived of updates for such a looong loong time now that trying to put up here, everything that's gone by in between, putting into words the things, that I have been hoping to write here, bringing up issues I wanted to mention........its all a futile exercise.... so for now I am not back with a bang and all. I am not going to try to capture the essence of these months, lemme just start ...... :)

Its been a while since I......
        wrote a blog post!
        was genuinly happy for a looong loong stretch of time!
        relaxed completely and peacefully looked at years to come without a trace of anxiety!
        faced myself boldly, accepted facts and sought answers!
        did something nice for someone without expecting anything in return!
        feel the source of confidence within me which was always so easy to access earlier!
       slept on a soft bed with a warm razai, dimmed the lights and read a wonderful book!
       did things coz I love doing them, careless about the implications and consequences!
       been ridiculously enthusiastic about small little things in life
       written a letter.....not an e-mail.. a letter
       Eaten dabba on BC steps with Neets, Ruj and Dumbo! :(
       Folded paper!! shame on me!! :(
       Indulged myself!!!!!!
       Waited for comments on my post!!! :):)

so now I shall get to doing just that! :)

Posted at 03:48 pm by madsworld
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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Oh how much I love the snow!!! :)

A shiver goes up the spine as I step out of the building,
The winter is here again with harsh winds blowing!
All caretakers with shovels as if on a mission,
A transperent white sheath blocking my vision!
The snow on the sloping roofs... it looks pretty and neat,
The constant struggle I go though to keep myself on my feet!
Funky caps, colourful gloves and the warmth of mittons,
The classy trench coats with those huge buttons!
The stylish scarves in a perfect knot,
Those flasks with coffee simmering hot!
What cosy attire from head to toes,
Flushed pink faces with cherry red nose!
The beauty of white that spreads all over the place,
All my fatigue seems to vanish without a trace!

For me, Minneapolis may have come to represent more than my fair share of hurt, sorrows and misery but one thing I have to say, its has also iven me one of my most favourite expereinces of a lifetime!
I just love those snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes!! :):)

Posted at 09:42 am by madsworld
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Friday, November 18, 2005
Not failure............

but an aim too high for your own ability is most certainly a crime!!

Posted at 11:02 am by madsworld
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